Friday, July 11, 2014

Defendant in the case of asbestos can have no Plea Deal removed due to claims of Innocence

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Rick Kornak

June 23, 2014

County of Merced, California - County of Merced prosecutors announced their intention to withdraw from the agreement with Rudy Buendia III, one of the three men who pleaded guilty "" of violating the Federal law of asbestos. The decision comes after Buendia repeatedly expressed his innocence to the members of the community, including the Merced County District Attorney Deputy Walter Wall, to whom he would have said, 'you know, I've done this,' when the two saw each other in public.

Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse II explained why prosecutors were planning to file a motion to withdraw the plea. "We are not in the habit of taking [guilty or no contest] means those which maintenance their innocence," he said. "" You can't do a plea and then turn around and say that ' I didn't do it. ".

The charges followed an incident in which Buendia, former co-owner of the nonprofit organization non profit defunct firm building, employee of the students to remove asbestos during a renovation project at the training centre automobile trade centre Castle between late 2005 and early 2006.

The arrangement was to provide an opportunity for students to gain work experience on the spot; Instead, they have been exposed to harmful toxins which can lead to many problems of respiratory health, including mesothelioma.

"I am frankly very tired of hearing about poor Rudy Buendia," said walrus. "Should focus on the children who have been exposed to asbestos because [al. Buendia] were over their heads financially and seeks to cut some corners. Buendia is certainly not a victim; children who were exposed were the victims. »

The plea agreement would have sent Buendia in prison for 24 months; now, he faces about 60 complaints and could serve more than 30 years in prison if the motion is granted and the case goes to court.

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Defendant in the case of asbestos can have no Plea Deal removed due to claims of Innocence

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