Friday, July 11, 2014

Asbestos was found in the ceiling of the Stamford Police station

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Rick Kornak

June 16, 2014

Stamford, Connecticut - asbestos contractor discovered after a CVC in the plaster ceiling of the first floor of the Stamford Police post last month, has decided to stop the building air conditioning and officers circulation system. Approach of summer and the heat intensifies, agents working at the station are increasingly uncomfortable.

"There is no movement of the air," the head of the Police Jon Fontneau said. "It is not an excellent location at all. We worry what will happen on the really hot days because guys are sweating dramatically this time. »

According to engineer the city Lou Casolo, after the discovery of asbestos, consultant in industrial hygiene was hired by the city to test the quality of air in the police station. During four hours of tests, all the samples came back negative for contamination by asbestos. The police Union also hired a consultant, and these samples came back negative as well.

Before the test, responsible for the city's Stamford had begun to grow concerned about the livability of the station. Mayor David Martin has begun to consider the movement of officials of the Ministry until the asbestos removal has been done. "We were sweating bullets that essentially the police could not work outside the police station", said the Mayor. Now that tests show no cause for concern, police will be more likely to remain at the station.

Although the building has been deemed worthy of the occupation, Casolo said that the ceiling of plaster containing asbestos should not be disturbed. When friable asbestos becomes airborne, it can be easily inhaled. Asbestos exposure leads to many health problems breathing and is the main cause of mesothelioma. Despite the ban on asbestos, there are about 3,000 made mesothelioma diagnoses every year.

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Asbestos was found in the ceiling of the Stamford Police station

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