Monday, June 9, 2014

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki if excuse of the establishment of Phoenix health care scandal, resigns

Washington, DC - following the recent scandal in Phoenix health care, old-Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki addressed the corruption of the Department in a speech delivered on 30 May. He announced that as a result of the scandal, no senior executives are receiving a bonus this year, and that all of them will be removed from their positions at the facility. The scandal has caused many to call for the resignation of Shinseki. While Shinseki initially showed no signs of resigning, president Obama announced the resignation of Shinseki in a press conference today.

In the speech, Shinseki also apologized to Congress, the American people and participants of the word - members of the National Coalition of homeless veterans. Shinseki was particularly apologetic community veteran, who refer to it as "the people that I care more deeply," adding that the leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs, it "was honoured to serve more than five years" in what he called the call of a lifetime.
Shinseki took full responsibility for failing to recognize the problems of his Ministry, which led to many too long waits for appointments and, in some cases, death due to lack of timely care. "I said that when this situation started to weeks in the past months that I thought that the problem was limited and isolated, because I thought that," he said. "I no longer believe that." It is systemic."

Shinseki met with president Obama after the speech to have a "serious conversation," according to the President. Later, in a press conference, the President announced the resignation of Shinseki. Shinseki said he "doesn't want to be a distraction" then the situation are fixed.
"It was the judgment of Ric on behalf of his former colleagues, and I agree," said president Obama. Deputy VA Gibson Sloan will have to intervene acting VA Secretary until a new candidate can be selected and fill the post on a permanent basis.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki if excuse of the establishment of Phoenix health care scandal, resigns

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