Tuesday, June 10, 2014

South Carolina jury awards $38 M in asbestos

After a 2 half week study, South Carolina Man regularly with asbestos-containing working materials $38 million was awarded damages for health problems, exposure to the toxic mineral.

An article in The State reported that Lloyd was Garvin 74 years Wagener, South Carolina, $10 million in actual damages and his wife received $1 million for loss of Consortium. Furthermore, defendants Durco and crane co. have been ordered to pay M in punitive damages, $11 and defendant Byron Jackson carries $5 M. All three defendants considered the prices unreasonably.

All three defendants are on the manufacture of pumps and valves for decades containing asbestos. Garvin said, that the jury, the work of his years of exposure to the defendant asbestos gaskets as well as with regard to packaging in valves and pumps, which he used in the factory and farm him to develop mesothelioma caused.

However, a spokesman for crane said there was "no credible evidence" that crane was responsible for Garvins mesothelioma, and he called the award "excessive and unwarranted." The other defendants agreed and will most likely all the judgment.

Garvin could testify personally. Seriously ill, he was also captured by double pneumonia at the time of the procedure, and his testimony was presented via video. Doctors say he has less than a year to live because of his cancer.

His lawyer asked to evaluate the jury, whether the award of $1 million in actual damages for each year of life, that Garvin was expected to miss because of its risk exposure to asbestos. National statistics show that Garvins life expectancy would have another 10 to 11 years, the lawyer pointed out.

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South Carolina jury awards $38 M in asbestos

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