Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Public alert whistleblowers in the regime who have delayed the Phoenix VA hospital care

Phoenix, AZ - 40 patients who died in a Phoenix VA hospital may have died as a result of care delayed.

One of the patients who died of the Phoenix hospital was Thomas Breen, cancer victim whose daughter-in-law Sally Eliano has been vocal about the delays. "All those who were part of this, they should be held accountable because it is a crime."Do you know care delayed are deprived of care, and it is not right, she said.

On 8 may, a House Committee voted to assign records that the hospital will refused to cede.

Too make an appointment is a question that has become common in hospitals goes everywhere in the country. For veterans who suffer from illnesses that afflict them, commonly including PTSD and mesothelioma, care should be provided within a period reasonable because any delay in care of these patients is harmful to their health.

Many whistleblowers, including the former employee VA Dr. Samuel Foote, said administrators failed to report between 1,400 and 1,600 applications for appointment to improve the treatment of the hospital record.

"It was essentially an elaborate scheme to conceal the waiting times for patients. Rather than deal with it, they would just cover,"says Dr Foote, who has recently retired after 24 years at the VA. "The main problem was we had a very high demand, and we had a relatively limited amount of service. ''

Although some members of Congress have called the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation, Shinseki rejected their. "My responsibility is to ensure that the review is conducted quickly and thoroughly, and then, something is done about it," he said.

Shinseki also assured the public that his Department was taking steps to prevent such misconduct elsewhere.

Public alert whistleblowers in the regime who have delayed the Phoenix VA hospital care

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