Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pfizer wins third-straight asbestos case

Madison County, Maryland — marking his third victory of right, Pfizer Inc. won a deal asbestos against the plaintiff Mrs. Harriette Stein, who filed the complaint on behalf of her deceased husband, mesothelioma victim Mr. Carl Stein.

All three prosecution injury elucidation of products made by Quigley Co., a subsidiary of defunct of Pfizer, which manufactures products containing asbestos, including insulation called Insulag. After many years of combinations of asbestos, Quigley went bankrupt in 2004. Last year, applicants were allowed to bypass the protection of Chapter 11 of Quigley - at which point, they began to run after Pfizer.

The decision was based on the reasoning used in the two previous cases, who were dismissed in January and March. Ultimately, Judge John M. Glynn decided that Pfizer, despite putting his labels and trademarks on products Quigley, was clearly not the manufacturer and therefore, does not necessarily approve the product.

"I don't think," said j. Glynn, "that a reasonable person in the circumstances provided to me in this case, could come to the conclusion that Pfizer was the manufacturer of the product."Apparent means, in my opinion, that the authority is clear and obvious at first glance, isn't possible. »

Pfizer buys Quigley in 1968, before the ban on asbestos and the prosecution assault that forced the subsidiary into bankruptcy. Mesothelioma is a preventable disease; asbestos exposure is the main cause. Despite the widespread use of asbestos ban, there are about 3,000 made mesothelioma diagnoses every year.

Pfizer wins third-straight asbestos case

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