Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Panel of oncologists say less overweight cancer survival

If you are overweight, your chances of surviving cancer are far less than normal weight, studies that point out. But it is not the number on the scale, affecting the chances of survival. Everything has to do with the fact that doctors are not the patient weight... the size of the doses of chemotherapy based on and it should be, says a panel of oncologists.

The largest organization of doctors, the treatment of cancer, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, aims to resolve this serious error and new guidelines provides suggested weight-based doses for obese patients with all forms of cancer.

Also receiving as necessary strongly, can reduce the chance of survival, a little less chemotherapy reported an article in the Washington Post. Frightening, various studies have shown that more than 40 percent of obese patients less than 85 percent have received the correct dose for someone her size.

It's time to change that, says Dr. Gary Lyman, a Duke University oncologist, who led the Panel, wrote the new guidelines.

"They call it the bloat;" It is resizing provision,"says Lyman. "There is little doubt that a degree of Undertreatment will contribute to the higher mortality and recurrence in obese patients."

Dr. Richard Pazdur, warmly advise the Panel supervisor who endorses FDA cancer drug.

"By minimizing the dose or limit the dose we were undertreating patients," he said.

Experts say dosing for all types of cancer, intestinal, is usually treated with chemotherapy including breast, ovarian, and lung cancer, leukemia and other blood diseases. Mesothelioma patients, the Alimta or other chemo drugs could be in the proverbial boat.

Give too little chemo, "could make it as if they are treated at all not so they use through the whole ordeal without, go in the extreme case,...", Dr. Jennifer Griggs, said University of Michigan breast cancer specialist, who also to the guidelines worked.

The Panel notes, while the large is certainly not healthy, it is the new norm in America, with 60 percent of all Americans are tending as overweight and 35 percent are classified as obese. Is why this study is so important.

In addition, similar studies actually show that obese patients are less likely to be dangerous to develop low blood counts from cancer treatment and chemo drugs can hold more quickly clear from their body.

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Panel of oncologists say less overweight cancer survival

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