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Measles vaccine destroys Cancer Incurable in a clinical study Mayo lighthouse

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Rick Kornak

May 19, 2014

Rochester, Minnesota --Stacy Erholtz, who was one of the two participants in a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, was cured of multiple myeloma after receiving a dose of the measles vaccine massive enough to inoculate up to 10 million people. The results have researchers excited about the implications for other diseases; they are already testing the effectiveness of the vaccine on the neck, brain, ovary and cancer of cervix, as well as mesothelioma.

"This is a huge event," said Steven Russell, a hematologist at the Mayo Clinic. "We have known for some time the virus act as a vaccine." If you inject a virus into a tumor, you can cause the immune system to destroy the cancer and other cancers. This is different. It puts the virus into the bloodstream, it infects and destroys cancer, it debulks, and then the immune system can come and blot the residue, "he explained.

Cancer of the other patient returned after nine months. Erholtz, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma there are a dozen years, has been in full remission for more than six months. "I had to have not all conventional treatments for this trial," she said. "My state of mind was that I had no other options available, then why I do? '' It is by far the simplest treatment with very few side effects. I hope that this is the future of infusion of cancer treatment. »

The researchers decided to use multiple myeloma patients in the study, because their immune systems are compromised, meaning that their body is not fighting off the coast of measles before he can attack the cancer. Both Ehholtz that the other patient had limited exposure to measles, so they had not developed a large amount of antibodies against the virus.

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Measles vaccine destroys Cancer Incurable in a clinical study Mayo lighthouse

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