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Grant helps historic theatre make asbestos-free

Monday, August 26, 2013

In the context of a 10-year renovation project in one of the oldest theaters in Ohio, the contractor shall spend the next six weeks removing asbestos-containing materials, which made uncertain the old buildings for employees and customers in the past.

An article in the Herald-Star reported that this week erected scaffolding asbestos was covered, so Lepi workers could begin the process companies near Zanesville, Ohio eliminate shipyards pipes from the theater, the 1925 opened but finished its activities in 1979 and served only as a storage space for the last few decades. Fans of the old theatre are committed have it up and running again.

The $49.748-contract for asbestos abatement is the clean Ohio Revitalization Fund paid through grant received by the city last year. Representatives of Ohio environmental of developmental services toured Department protection agency and the Ohio Theater earlier in the summer, renovations to check and will be on-site, to ensure that all procedures be performed correctly, so that no one suffers asbestos removal.

"Take the project of all asbestos be removed completely from the building should be about six weeks, including. I am very glad that we were able to get to do the State subsidy to this project and appreciate the efforts of the city and the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission, "said Scott Dressel, President of the great theatre for the performing arts restoration Committee, which each insured that the stage and seating would be completely sealed during the asbestos removal.

"No one may in the theater until the job is done," said Dressel, who noted that his team of volunteers on outside projects would work, during Lal company the toxic asbestos insulation was addressing.

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Grant helps historic theatre make asbestos-free

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